Anastasia Boron
Founder & Director
Galina Lopukhina
Сreative Director
About our place and mission

Anastasia Boron and Galina Lopukhina, founders and heads of the ``````"Aburo" architectural bureau.
We are architectural designers who create welcoming residential properties, hospitable commercial and retail nvironments, and a collection of stylish art objects.
With the bold approach to solving design challenges and the vibrant concepts inherent in our work, we have gained an international reach, thanks to outstanding design and numerous publications and reviews from our valued clients.

Through a skilful approach to exploring materials, colors, shapes and juxtaposing modern and vintage, we connect eras and the histories of the owners. We try to bring rich experience and development to every space.
Since history is a prerequisite for pushing boundaries, we started with the basics of the history of architecture and design. Bok obok studied at an art school, and then studied architecture and design at universities in Russia.
Continuing an unbroken friendship, we decided to create a common cause - an architectural bureau. Now our union has been tested not only by time, but also by deeds.

Among the most notable projects are the "Academy of Foreign Trade", the "Kotelniki" residential complex, the "Lefortovo" residential complex, the "Zorge 9" residential complex, "Karo Film" cinemas, "Kinomax" cinemas, long-term cooperation with the "SR" fitness club chain, "Match Point" residential complex, stucco elements for large-scale production in Russia,
"Heliport" complexes, the "Kurchatovsky" Institute, "Sberbank" food courts, the "Arena Spartak Moscow" stadium and mansions and site-specific design.

We are currently designing commercial public buildings, residential buildings with a special vision of authentic cultural immersion and individual design.
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